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We would like to give our guests a chance to experience relaxing on a natural, ecological farm. We hope this experience will give you new insight and an experience to last a life time.

We, Niklas and Camilla took over Brunkulla Gård farm in 1995, as the 10th generation, with our children Julia and Frej. We run the farm ecologically since then, with 55 dairy cows and our goal is to keep the unique breed from this area, Mountaincow. We have also hens and some pigs, all these breeds are on the verge of extinction and that we want to be part of protecting.

We offer conferens facilities, bed & breakfast, woodburning sauna, products made by hand here on the farm.

Sustainable environment is the line of argument we keep on the farm and continue always to make improvments.


Brunkulla Gård is one of Jämtlands oldest farms. It has been documented by our family since as far back as the 16th century, possibly even further, and has been both a forest and farming enterprise. During this time Jämtland was a part of Norway, after a battle led by King Sverre between Norweigens and the Swedes living in Jämtland. The battle took place just below our farm, on a frozen Lake Storsjön, on a cold and dark night in March of 1178. After the battle, Jämtland belonged to Norway for 500 years, until 1645 when Jämtland became Swedish once more.

Old rock carvings, found in Jämtland show that hunters lived in this area as far back as 10 000 years ago. People have continued to live here and eventually started sowing the fertile land around Lake Storsjön.

There is also proof of Vikings having lived in this area. They gave Old Scandinavian names to many of the islands around Lake Storsjön such as Frösön (the island of the god Frö), Norderön (the island of the god Njord). The Brunkulla Gård Ranch is situated in a village named Fannbyn, which comes from the Swedish word for ancient village.

The Jämtlandic people have always been industrious business men. Long ago, they took their horses and sleds to markets in both Norway and into the south of Sweden, trading and selling furs, grains and butter. They bought such products as salt, herring, textiles and pottery, etc.

The great lake monster



Hedemorahöns – Hedemora-hen

Linderödsgris – Linderöd-pig

Fjällko – Mountain-cow

All our animals on the farm are unique swedish old breeds on the verge of extinction, that we want to be part of protecting. Read more about the Mountaincow.




Grisen LokeFjällkohedemorahen