Relax a while in our wood-heated sauna right on the edge of Lake Storsjön. After your sauna, cool down with a cool shower or do as the Vikings, roll around in the snow if its in wintertime or take a swim in the lake if its summertime. Enjoy relaxing in a pine wood chair while enjoying the beautiful view over Lake Storsjön. Now you have reached the height of relaxation. You can also rent the wonderful wood-heated hot-tub.

Price for accommodation guests:

Sauna: 150 SEK/person. Minimum price for heating up the sauna, 400 SEK. 

Hot-tub: 1 500 SEK/group (6-8 people)




Take a walk down to Lake Storsjön, put on the worm, cast your rod and wait for the fish to bite! You can find a large variety of fish including trout, grayling, pike, bass and maybe even the Great Lake Sea Monster. 150 m down to the lake from the farm. Bring your own fishing equipment.
Free of charge.

Rent a row-boat, price: 250 SEK, lifejacket included.


Rent one of our bikes or take a hike enjoing the beatiful scenery in our area. Discover all of the exciting excursion goals or just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Rent a bike, price: 150 SEK


Andersön Nature reserve
It offers roads, tracks, wind shelters and campfire spots for visitors. You can sit on the shores of the lake Storsjön, have a picnic and enjoy the views over the lake and the mountains. Stone age settlements, cultivation cairns and remains of a defense fortification indicate a long and colourful history. 2 km from Brunkulla Gård.

Jamtli museum
Offers an exciting journey through the history of Jämtland and Härjedalen. The museum has permanent exhibitions about the region’s past alongside temporary exhibitions of arts and handicrafts. Every summer, the open air museum turns into Jamtli Historieland (living history theme park). 13 km from Brunkulla Gård.

The famouse composer, Wilhelm Petersson Berger lived here. Visit his unique home ”Sommarhagen” that was build 1914. And listen to the story about his life and his music.
14 km from Brunkulla Gård.

Orchid Brunkulla
You can experience the rare and protected orchid ”Brunkulla” or ”Black vanilla orchid” in june-july. 16 km from Brunkulla Gård.

Guided tours. You will see moose calves, moose cows and big moose bulls. All the moose are very tame and social and you will be able to pet them and take some lovely photos. A tour takes around 1 hour. Unique moose products such as moose paper, moose notes, moose waffles, moose soap, etc.
4 km from Brunkulla Gård.

Wikners family have a big passion for handcraft and wood. Art, handcraft, restaurant.
40 km från Brunkulla Gård.

Östersund City
Östersund är den enda staden i Jämtlands län med ca 45 000 invånare. Östersund ligger vackert vid Storsjöns strand som är Sveriges 5:e största sjö. Närheten till Åre och andra vackra naturområden skapar många möjligheter till såväl vandring och fiske som skidåkning.    Staden myllrar av kreativitet och har även ett aktivt musik-, kultur- och nöjesliv för alla smaker. Östersund är ”The home of great events” och här kan du ta del av såväl Storsjöyran, matkultur,  världscuptävlingar på Östersund Skidstadion och allsvensk fotboll på Jämtkraft Arena.commerce. 12 km from Brunkulla Gård.


RESTAURANTS & CAFÉS recommended by Camilla

Brunkulla Gård summer café on sundays in july kl. 11-16

www.kretsloppshuset.se in Mörsil, 60 km

www.jazzkoket.se in Östersund, 12 km

www.marite.nu in Östersund, 12 km

www.tivars.se on the island Norderön, 6 km

Hara brygga summer café in Hara, 10 km

www.byhuset.se summer café in Rödön, 24 km


MORE INFORMATION: adventuresweden.com och visitostersund.se